Goal Setting

“Isn’t that counterproductive?,” the young woman said about my t-shirt that read, “I Run for Chocolate”. I replied, “That depends on your goals!”

The t-shirt was from a popular 16km race with chocolate being the main attraction. Chocolate-covered strawberries and pretzels were handed out at water stations and chocolate martinis were at the finish line. My goal was to have fun that weekend and by all measures I reached my goal. I love racing, I love chocolate and I love getting away with friends.

It got me thinking about organizing goals I set for myself and with clients. It’s important to explore what will truly meet their needs. There is no one standard of organization for everyone to follow regardless of individual preferences. What makes you feel happy and comfortable may not work another. Try to envision what kind of space you want, what makes you feel good when you walk into the room and how you want it to function.

Here are a few tips:

• Start small. Pick one closet, corner, dresser or desk and begin decluttering. Sort through all the items, decide what you will keep and what will be donated or recycled.

• Congratulate yourself! Everything you do to get you closer to your goal is a positive step forward.

• Make it fun. Put on your favourite music, ask a friend to help out, or set a challenge with a buddy. One time I had a pile of shredding to do and couldn’t think of anything more boring. My friend was in the same position so we texted each other about our progress, made lame jokes and encouraged each other to finish.