Taking the Stress Out of Decluttering

Looking at your possessions with a fresh eye and deciding what you really want to keep and what you want to let go of can be a liberating experience. Eventually you will have created a calm environment for yourself that gives you pleasure and saves you time. As you go through items try to notice when you can no longer make decisions about whether to keep or let go and give yourself a break. Come back to it later or even the next day. The key is to success is finding a method of transforming your space that works for you. If you have difficulty getting started on a project start with a small area, set a date on your calendar and ask a friend to join you on that day. It can be a lot more fun with a friend!

When sorting through your clothes or a favourite collection of things, ask yourself the following questions to help you make a decision:

1. When did I last use/wear this?

2. How often am I likely to use it in the next twelve months?

3. Is it worth the space to store it or the time/cost to repair it?

4. And most importantly, how do I feel when I look at it? Does it spark joy? Do I feel good when I see/wear it?

Decluttering doesn’t mean getting rid of everything you love! It means reducing the amount of things you have to those you really love and use. Ultimately you will have created a space for yourself that is calm and relaxing to be in. You will no longer have to hunt for that special bowl or tool then spend more money buying another one, only to find the original already in your home. Try starting with a small decluttering project, ask yourself the questions listed above and begin to experience the benefits of creating a calm, peaceful space.