At Neatly Put, we know that making the move to a small space can be a challenge. We're here to guide you through the process and help you create an organized, functional and calm environment that leaves you feeling positive about your new home. 

We offer a variety of services to our clients in the GTA, both before and after your move.


1. Understanding your goals to create your vision

With a sensitive and realistic approach you will be gently guided through a series of questions to help you assess your current lifestyle, the challenges you are facing, and the priorities in your life. In the process, you’ll gain clarity on your vision for how your life will look and feel in your new home.

2. Reducing stuff - turning stress into success

Reducing your possession is one of the most challenging - and I understand! - underestimated tasks in this transition. It takes time, energy and skill to go through your things. I will gently guide you through proven strategies that help you turn stress into a success.

3. The best products for your space - saving you time and money

The retail world is exploding with products purpose-built for small space living. But where do you start? And what items are worth investing in? I can answer those questions - and more!
• Where can I find good-quality, affordable furniture that work for small spaces?
• Will a tiny oven really meet my needs?
• Do Murphy beds live up to the hype?
• How am I going to store my shoe collection?

4. Taking out the guess work - choosing what to bring

Figure out what will fit into your condo before you move! I will help you evaluate your space and choose the furniture, household and decorative pieces that will comfortably fit into your new home and bring you joy.

5. From overwhelm to organized

Preparing to move can be overwhelming and very challenging to keep track of everything that has to be done. Work with me, and you’ll feel the comfort of knowing that all the necessary tasks are organized and no detail has been overlooked. I can:
• Book a professional organizer to help you downsize your things efficiently
• Arrange for discarded items to be removed to charitable shops
• Provide information on physical and online auction services
• Have your chosen slides and photos digitized
• Provide quotes for reputable movers


1. Creating your happy place

Home should be a retreat, a place where you can be productive or relax, entertain or spend some quiet time. I work with you to organize your new space, create storage solutions and provide strategies for keeping your new home your oasis from the stresses of life.

2. Checking in

Once you get to know your new space, experience the flow of rooms, and discover which areas you love the most, I work with you to tweak the organization, storage solutions and daily habits to create a space you look forward to coming home to.