Discover the zen of an organized life.

At Neatly Put, our goal is to help you feel happier and more comfortable in your space. We'll help you create an organized, functional and calm environment that leaves you feeling more positive about your home. 

For clients in the GTA, we specialize in:

Clearing the clutter

Feeling discouraged by the over-abundance of things in your home? We help clients sort through their things, recycle or donate unwanted items and organize their space to maximize functionality and create a space that makes them feel happier. Decluttering and organizing can relieve stress, save money and time, making room for activities you enjoy.

Setting up a home office

When your office has to double as a study or creative zone, it’s critical to maximize the space you have. We work with clients to set up systems to organize work spaces, manage paper and electronic files, and create zones for non-work activity, bringing order and efficiency to their work life.

Downsizing from a family home

Overwhelmed by the thought of downsizing to a condo from your home of several years? We help clients sort through their possessions, make those difficult choices about what to keep, and help remove the excess. Guiding clients on making appropriate choices, supporting them through the process with sensitivity and compassion all help to ease the stress of moving to a smaller space.

Customized organizing solutions

Are your closets cramped? Is it difficult to find things right away? Together with the client we sort and organize your storage spaces to maximize the space you have and create organizing systems that work best for you.

Assessment and Consultation

Do you have the motivation and time to organize your home but don’t know where to start? We work closely with clients to determine their goals and create a plan that summarizes their objectives, the steps needed to achieve them and relevant suggestions/tips to ensure success. Follow up support and suggestions are provided as they begin their journey towards creating a space they love to be in.